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Example features are: comparisons, different configurations, orbs, diverse signs of the zodiac, 14 houses systems, year ephemerides, and lots of other features. Even the biorhythm can be calculated.

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The pictures and charts can be exported to bitmap, Windows metafile and PostScript formats. The complete source code of Astrolog is available. Astrolog for Mac is a powerful freeware for everyone who likes to calculate his or her horoscope for themselves. Current User Rating Unfortunately there are no Reviews currently available for this download. About uninstall, Astrolog is designed to be a simple program that doesn't change the system. To uninstall, just drag its install folder e. I agree that could be made clearer, or even a simple uninstaller provided that does that for you.

Very DOS-like interface on installation. It went straight to the Trash! Czech word cerven is Juni and word cervenec is July.

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In czech calculations is Cervenec the same as cerven. July is the same as Juni and there are not calculation fof July. Ve Vasem programu pro vypocet horoskopu je zavazna chyba a to ze , kdyz se zada mesic cervenec tak je vypocet pro mesic cerven. Tak na priklad zadam datum 2. Kdyz zadam 2. Jinymi slovy je vynechany mesic cervenec July a misto toho je cerven.

Zajimam se o astrologii mnoho let, predevsim o udalosti.

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Pro vypocet udalosti zivotnich mezniku je vyhodne do jednoho horoskopu zverokruhu zaznamenat socasne pozice zakladniho horoskopu - radixu, progresivniho horoskopu a tranzitniho horoskopu. Pro Vas by se jednalo jen o jine graficke usporadani. Rad bych Vam poslal moji grafickou upravu, ktera je velmi prehledna a ryche se da v ni orientovat, ale nevim na jakou adresu to poslat.

S pozdravem Jaroslav Kolar.

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It is by far and away the best. But it is not going to tell a novice the type of things a professional could. The program gives accurate charts in any number of formats. For an advanced student it is very nice, and it is simble enough to manuver through to get basic information. But you have to study, study, study if you want know what it is going to tell you. No free lunch here, for a beginner. The midpoint format is cumbersome. It could have been simplified to be more readable.

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The progression system could have had more options, like The Age Point of Huber. The progression system could have a workable variable input. The chart selection could have a midpoint format. I downloaded this program to my mother's computer, who has college training in Astrology and has composed her own charts for years, she can't make heads or tails of it.

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Very confusing. Was gonna download this to my computer, but now just don't think so. Much more simple to go to Astrology. Aspects with colors, Comparison charts, Composite charts, Synastry Charts etc. It makes Composite charts with wrong way, doesn't make composite ASC and makes Composite charts for two persons and not more.

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Definitely by far the best freeware astrology program with an amazing selection of calcuations. Highly accurate database, gives much detailed info.. Astrolog 6. Same 32 bit content as Windows setup program, but in a. Same files as 32 bit Windows version, except with a 64 bit executable. No windowed graphics, but can create graphic files.

  1. ZET runs on an Intel based Mac (OS 10.5 / 10.9+);
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  5. Requires an unzip program to extract the contents. Download this to compile Unix, Windows, Mac, and other versions. Ephemeris files : Optional Swiss Ephemeris files for extended accuracy.

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    View index. Documentation: Comprehensive documentation : Complete documentation of all commands and features.