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On June 21, you have a chance to see it all so clearly. Are you making healthy choices in love or falling for the bad news baes over and over again? And if so, consider June 21 will push you off the starting block. But get ready to plunge into some deeper waters. The very same day as the solstice, esoteric Neptune, the planet of illusions and sacrifice, pivots into its annual five-month retrograde.

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Survey your spaces, Aries! Do they feel like home to you? So many people, so little time. Neighborly Bulls never mind a little friendly small talk. But are your conversations starting to sound a little too same-same? But maybe you could upgrade some of the random chit-chat to something a little more…meaningful?

Summer Solstice, Midsummer, and Litha: Here’s How to Celebrate

Are you giving your time and energy to opportunities that can put cash in the bank? If not, will they help you build a network that can one day be leveraged for your career? But everyone needs you, Cancer. The summer solstice always marks day one of Cancer season—a month-long cycle that snaps you out of the role of the sacrificial martyr and puts your needs front and center. By the time the solar eclipse in Cancer rolls around with the July 2 new moon, you could already have some proficiency with this newfound skill.

Project mania alert! You want to do it all, be there for everyone, help as much as you can. But your big-hearted FOMO is going to send you straight into meltdown territory. Spending more time with your instafriends than real people? But those virtual connections could start to get old by the solstice.

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You could find yourself craving a warm body in close proximity. Not just any old body, of course, because meaningful conversation is your favorite kind of foreplay. Still, Virgo, take that chatter offline and into real time. This goes for friends and romantic interests. Transition into analog dialogues and go have some playdates!

Your June Horoscope, Revealed

Note: these meetings can, and should, be held over poolside happy hour cocktails. You get super invested in all that you do, which is one of your winning qualities. But the intensity that you bring to these missions with can be extra-extra…for you and everyone in your radius. Your solstice transformation is a fun one: Bring some play into the equation! Could you turn those tasks into a game? Find some dark humor in the situation? Cutting a few negative people out of your life might be necessary to finding that nirvana. That compare-and-despair syndrome is real, Sagittarius, but it can take you down.

The solstice helps you pick a lane…your lane. Then, focus on bringing your authentic gifts to the foreground. No one will ever do it exactly like you, Archer. Because of the time differential I assumed Ma passed to Spirit on the 21st of June. However, when I spoke to the funeral director he said she had passed on the 20th.

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I didn't realize the significance of this date until I got home and looked at my calendar which still was turned to June. I was hoping Ma could hold on until I got there I was told she had a week, it turned out to be days but she was gone before I got there. Now I know why. Though Ma's Spiritual Path was different than mine, she nonetheless understood and respected my Spiritual Path as a Moon Worshiper and an observer of the 8 Spiritual Rites I hold sacred.

I believe this was the last gift she could give me.

Horoscopes for the Solstice and Full Moon in Cancer - December ~ Chani Nicholas

Summer was our favorite time of year, and strawberry shortcake was our favorite dessert. It is now July 14th and 3 weeks have passed. I have my waves of joy and sorrow and yet I am grateful to her for leaving me a remembrance that I will celebrate every Full Moon. It appears that within the last five to ten years recent memory someone decided to begin messing with the thought patterns of the Baby Boomers in relation to the First Day of Summer. It has always been on June 21st prior to that time when the sneaky 'switch' started occurring.

Even the Almanac and all of the yearly calendars stated the same thing. I'm sticking with the original date, June 21st because I like the idea of being a purist when it comes down to recognition of when Summer actually begins. As for the 20th is concerned, it's just another day trying to hijack the original Summer starts when the Earth is at its most tilted towards the Sun, when our axis is pointed the furthest towards the South.

After this point, the axis begins its 6 month movement back towards North, until the Winter Solstice. The actual date can and does vary. This has nothing to do with anything but the Earth's tilt and its movement. As I am not a farmer or no nothing of farming I was led to believe that the first day of summer is 21st June. Even Stonehenge and British Heritage say the same. Can you please tell me why then it is the 20th June to a farmer and does that change yearly because there seems to be some confusion.

I've always remembered the 1st day of summer being June 21st also. I feel for you, especially on your birthday. It would change a lot if it was the 1st day of winter suddenly. This changing of dates is nonsense. They should stick with the reason we added February 29 in the 1st place. I am 75 years old and have always known the 1st day of summer was on June 21st Why is it the 20th of June this year?

Janetta, the summer solstice occurs when the sun is directly over the Tropic of Cancer. That can occur from June 20th to June 22nd. It is far more common on the 21st so this year has an additional "rarity" but a June 22nd solstice would be far rarer. This year the first FULL day of summer will be on the 21st forget all those other posters - the summer solstice marks the first day of summer ,.

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  • Otherwise how would people decide what point on a circles circumference is the begining. Wouldn't that be a lovely 'share'?

    Sleeping with the window open to take in the sounds of wildlife. Getting up early with the Suns Ray in my face waking me somewhat gently.