Astrology explained for kids

To determine the current year the time required for the earth to orbit around the sun must be calculated.

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The pattern of Lunar phases and the amount of time it takes Earth to rotate once on its axis relative to the Sun influence the month and day. Past astrologers also had the ability to figure out the time of day through the use of a sundial. A sundial is composed of a flat surface marked with symbols and a rod in the center.

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Depending on the height of the sun, the rod casts a shadow over several markings, which indicates the current time. The concepts and theories that revolve around the subject of astrology are quite complex. A thorough understanding of what each cosmic alignment and planetary movement represent will make it easier for one to comprehend the message conveyed. The celestial birth chart acts as a guide to self-understanding and is used to help one discover natural strengths or internal contradictions. Astronomical technologies have influenced many everyday objects people encounter on a regular basis.

The wireless local area network is the most famous astronomy-derived invention.

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By applying the same method used to enhance the images from radio telescopes to radio signals the result was the profound strengthening of computer networks. This process is now regularly incorporated in all WLAN implementations. Observatory technology is also seen commonly integrated into a variety of daily operations.

Astrology & Zodiac Signs for Kids

X-rays are used in airports to monitor the contents of luggage. Gamma-ray spectrometers are a non-invasive alternative to search for structural issues in historic buildings. Chemical Oxygen Demand photometers are used by police to examine car windows for transparency. You must be logged in to post a comment. Astronomy As a Science Through scientific investigation, astronomy aims to help humans better understand the universe and celestial objects through observation and research.

Astrology As a Pseudo-Science There is much debate about whether astrology should be considered an actual branch of science or categorized as metaphysical.

The Discovery of Time For centuries, humans have used the stars in the Northern Hemisphere to figure out the exact date month, day, and year and time. Contributions of Astrology: Self-Discovery The concepts and theories that revolve around the subject of astrology are quite complex. Contributions of Astronomy Astronomical technologies have influenced many everyday objects people encounter on a regular basis. Make family time fun time. Family connections are important to these babes. Try to be intentional about the way your family spends time together, and include extended family, too!

How to Parent a Leo Child:. Pour on the praise. Lions crave attention and affirmation, and little Leos are no exception to that rule. Cubs need to know their parents think the world of them, so make sure you go to every soccer game and school play and cheer loud. Support their natural inner leader. Since these children come pre-wired for leadership, focus on encouraging traits that will make them benevolent leaders instead of little bullies, like kindness, fairness, and honesty. Prepare their runway.

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How to Parent a Virgo Child:. Keep critiques in check. Instead of highlighting what your little Virgo did wrong, try to put a spotlight on what she did right. Let them help.

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Astrology for Kids

Give them rules. In situations where other children would feel restricted, little Virgos thrive. Keep the crayons handy. Teach them to be okay alone. Librans need people and seek harmony. Helping them rely less on other people for their happiness or entertainment will pay off as they grow into adolescence. Throw them parties. These children love birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. How to Parent a Scorpio Child:. Fuel their passions. Scorpios are passionate by nature. Support young Scorpios by taking their interests seriously and providing them with everything they need to dive deep into what excites them.

Buy a diary. The details of their travails on the playground might seem trivial to us adults, but not so for the Scorpio child. Make sure this kid has a diary to get down his thoughts … and a lock on it to keep everyone out. Help them find their tribe. These kids are more likely to be caught with their nose in a book than goofing off with other children, so placing your Capricorn child in group activities will ensure they have an outlet to express their sillier side. Encourage their ambition. Baby Caps are go-getters and love to be the best.

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Explain why. How to Parent a Sagittarius Child:. Hit the road. These little adventurers love traveling and learning about new places and the people who live there. Even a drive to a nearby city to check out a different park will excite them. Cheer up. Sagittarians are particularly cheery and known for their positive outlook.

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