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Leo - Yearly horoscope for Leo. Zodiac signs predictions for LEO HOROSCOPE : Leo will have great support from Jupiter throughout the whole year of and this will cause Leo to begin the year with great enthusiasm and feel like enjoying life to the fullest, to achieve this, they will choose paths that could be censured to the eyes of others however they will not accept advise from others or allow people to interfere in their business. Leo will need a lot of activity throughout the year therefore they will take long trips seeking freedom and live adventure however natives of this sign will plan these trips very carefully for different reasons will have to postpone them but will achieve them during the last trimester of the year.

Family : Leo will live two stages in the year There is also a probability that problems could arise with the political family.

In the second trimester of dialogue between close family relatives will be more favorable. Love: Men and women who are in a couple relationship will have a need for freedom for the majority part of the year , an intense desire for freedom. Monthly Horoscopes Jun 7, Relationships May 24, Don't shoot the messenger!

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Unless you're a Sagittarius. Entertainment May 21, Monthly Horoscopes May 20, Relationships May 17, Sex May 16, The planet of love in the most sensual sign?

2020 Leo Horoscope

You do the very sexy maths here. Relationships May 10, You can really dive into whatever you do, and transform your daily life because of it. Just make sure to watch your stress levels as this can become elevated if you take on too much. This can be especially true around the Lunar Eclipse July 5th in your work sector.

Leo Weekly Horoscope October 7, 12222

Uranus remains in your career sector all year, and this is the first full calendar year Uranus is in your career sector. You may be eyeballing a change professionally, and want to do things differently.

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  • You can be open to taking a new approach with your goals and ambitions, with setting new and unusual goals, and with getting attention out of the blue for the things you do. Leo Home and Family Horoscope.

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    Mercury retrogrades in your home and family sector the second half of October, so you may need to spend more time dealing with matters at home, or give more attention to your family. You may have family issues come up, and you have to work to find a solution that everyone can agree to. You may have little things come up with home, even like a pipe bursting. Mars moves into the sector ruling your children to start the year to mid-February, and if you have children, they may require more attention from you during this time.

    **LEO** 2020 Soul Love and Family Bliss - You've Sure Earned It!

    You can help them with anything that they need, and may push them to pursue opportunities. A Lunar Eclipse occurs in this sector June 5th, and they may be extra emotional with you, and you have to keep an open mind with them. They can rebel, but you need to keep your cool.

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    A Solar Eclipse occurs in this sector December 14th, and your children can get attention or recognition or an opportunity, and you can be extra supportive. Leo Mental State Horoscope. Mercury will briefly retrograde in one of the sectors ruling your mind to end October and start November, for about a week.

    During that time, you may have difficulties with communications, and need to listen more and be patient with others and yourself. You may want to focus on an old idea again, or tweak your plans. Mars will spend July to the end of the year in the other sector ruling your mind, since Mars will retrograde in this sector September to mid-November.