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Nurturing the Quiet August 28, The Right Pace August 27, Thoughts Of Eventual Reward August 26, Shining Self-Assurance August 25, Bright Sights, Bright Future August 24, A Prudent Approach August 23, Teaching To Learn August 22, Breaking For Balance August 21, Know Your Needs August 20, What Real Power Is August 19, Prepared Observation August 18, Listen With Your Eyes August 17, Common Courteousness August 15, Someone To Count On August 14, The Reality Of Duty August 13, Joy That Sings August 12, Pleasure In Life August 11, Everyday Accomplishment August 10, Love's Ebb And Flow August 9, Assured Articulation August 8, A Quick Answer August 7, Lives Intertwined August 6, Form of Your Passion August 5, True Abundance August 4, Form of Your Passion August 3, Endeavors Of Enthusiasm August 2, Introverted Escapism August 1, Modest Setting Preference July 31, Positively Motivated July 30, Energy To Proceed July 29, The Smallest Details July 28, Success At Your Hands July 27, Impartial Exploration July 26, Expansion Through Adventure July 25, Powers Of Persuasion July 24, Thought Before Feeling July 23, Faith In Fate July 22, Defined By Love July 21, Closeness In Compromise July 20, Discovering Your Worth July 19, Encouraged by Energy July 18, Sooner Begun, Sooner Fun July 17, Uniquely Infinite Horizons July 16, Grounded In Truth July 15, Nurture Yourself First July 14, Appreciate Everyday Tasks July 13, Hone Your Intuition July 12, Ready for Anything July 11, Inquisitive Conversations July 10, It is easy to approach challenges with confidence when we have no fear of failure.

However many times we must apply ourselves to difficult endeavors before finding our triumph, our enthusiasm for the path before us does not waver. We can clearly see a brighter tomorrow looming just over the horizon, yet we also know that we will be put to the test before we can bask in the pleasures it will eventually afford us.


There is no question of our potential to realize our greatest dreams, so even the gravest setbacks cannot cause our enthusiasm for the ambitious aims to waver. The confidence you feel when contemplating the future today will help you succeed regardless of whether your goals are personal or professional in nature. Our lives may be determined less by past events than by the way we remember them.

You are invited to come aboard this inner adventure that offers a step by step journey of discovery and re-visioning through focused journaling. Throughout the eight sessions, you will be engaged in exercises designed to facilitate healing and transformation.

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Telling stories about our past through focused journaling can help change our perspectives to enable healing and empowerment. In this way, we are able to make meaning out of memory and put the past where it belongs - behind us.

Healing and transformation are only possible through changing one's perspective from within. In this way, global healing takes place one individual, one tribe, at a time.

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