February 27 weekly horoscope

What you feel is right, but you will get an earful.

Tonight: Put on your dancing shoes. Express your point of view. You might not receive the results you desire. Make an effort to keep complications out of your life. You could overthink a problem, making you hesitant to take the next step. Tonight: With a favourite loved one.

Reach out for a loved one at a distance. You often wonder what is going on around you, though you enjoy the activity. An element of confusion surrounds you. You need to plug in your high energy to some pastime. Tonight: Relax and let off steam. You want to move in a new direction emotionally, but you cannot easily catch up on certain details to resolve the present confusion.


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You might want to relax more than you have in the recent past. You will see your efficiency heightened as a result. Tonight: Squeeze in some exercise. You will see what is happening around you, but it might take a touch of creativity. Others have very different ideas that point in another direction. Confusion could mess up your plans.

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Tonight: Deal with someone who often puts you on a pedestal. You are able to do more than usual. Find out what works for you when having a discussion that takes you in a new direction. Listen to news and be willing to change gears if need be. You want to reach out to someone at a distance. Tonight: Allow others to come forward. Defer to a co-worker who understands more than you about an immediate problem.

Tread carefully when it comes to personal relationships. You need to wait for a better time before you think of proposing to that special someone, says Ganesha. You will be in a joyous mood. You will be de-lighted in whatever task you do.

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Financial matters will confound you, with even a petty issue causing tension. Ganesha says it will be a colourful day, with happy tidings.

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Call it the momentary re-ignition of the spark of brilliance and energy, this day finds you at the peak of your dynamism. Ganesha predicts a fantastic day for all, especially those in the freelancing business, as your imagination and inspiration reach new heights and motivate others to excel. You are renowned for your leadership qualities and today they will be much appreciated for the way you manage your team.

You will get a long-due promotion, and will come in for some extra cash. Ganesha says you received all this by wisely balancing work and home, so be careful not to slip up on this front. Be prepared to get some special treatment at work, as your bosses shower praise on you. Apart from that, a lot of tangible and intangible benefits await you. Ganesha advises you against complacency of any sort if you want the key to the executive wash room. You are ready to take up the challenges that life has to throw at you. Thanks to the confidence within you, which gives you power to fight it out against all odds.

Even if you take up a mammoth task, you are bound to succeed today, predicts Ganesha.

Sabian Symbol

You are like a new hope for your company and you are assigned with many challenging projects, today. And your hard work and efforts are appreciated when you handle the projects successfully. But with Venus, the planet of love, moving into a rare retrograde Saturday, your perceptions are shifting, so just be aware that everything is fluid right now, and be patient with the situation.

You have been ultra busy recently, and you may end up backtracking on some situations you thought were already resolved. The time has never been better to amp up your health regimen, so commit to yourself! But major relationships are in an unpredictable phase, and you could end up getting some news that throws you for a loop Monday or Thursday. Try to trust that changes of plan are for the best, but if someone keeps dropping the ball, it may be time to move on from a certain relationship.

Your ruler, the planet of love, Venus, moves into a rare retrograde Saturday, and over the next few weeks, take a hard look at which alliances are really working for you. An unexpected snafu Monday at work could actually turn out to be a very lucky break so just go with it.

Your daily horoscope: February 27 - The Globe and Mail

The sun makes its annual conjunction with inspirational Neptune on Wednesday, and you are like a psychic sponge, so pay close attention to ideas and intuition. Venus, the planet of love, moves into one of its very rare retrograde periods Saturday.

Start refining your vision for how you can make your work life as smooth, and satisfying, as possible. Even a big-picture person like you needs a cozy home life, and your vision for what nurtures you and makes you happy is shifting. If you are single this week, you could get an introduction to someone who shifts your perspective in a big way, so let yourself go and have fun.

But with the sun also joining up with sensitive Neptune on Wednesday, make sure you are taking care of your own emotional needs too. Venus, the planet of love, moves into a rare retrograde Saturday, so over the next few weeks, take a close look at what truly brings joy into your life.

You have had a very intense few months, and while the changes keep coming, at least now you are feeling slightly more in control of what is happening around you. The new moon solar eclipse this past weekend is helping you sort out what is truly important from the stimulation overload that is part of your life at the moment. Family matters and big-picture career goals come sharply into focus this week, so zero in on that and ignore the rest.

With clarity may come fresh brainstorming when the sun unites with inspirational Neptune on Wednesday. On Saturday, the planet of love, Venus, begins a rare retrograde. Over the next few weeks, smooth things out in the domestic part of your life for optimal bliss and emotional support.