Aquarius horoscope 10 march

Aquarius 10 March 2019 horoscope

The Sun will be in your social and collaborative eleventh house, a time to be among your peeps. Get your holiday fun in early, but then plan to rest as the calendar turns. The main event occurs when Jupiter, the planet of luck and growth, swings into Capricorn on December 2 for just over a year, staying until December 19, Your social circle might look entirely different than it did a year ago. Jupiter will spend the next 12 months in Capricorn and your twelfth house of rest, healing and endings. Rather than push to launch or start anything, go with the flow.

Release the outmoded stuff. Forgive and make amends. Prioritize self-care.

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For you, Jupiter in Capricorn is also a time to sort the crops before the supersizer planet enters YOUR sign next December with much fanfare! Until then, focus on healing any unresolved grief or pain and tapping into the deeper parts of yourself. This can be an incredible year for artistic and spiritual pursuits. Jupiter takes about 12 years to complete a trip through the zodiac and return to each sign it was last here from December 19, , to January 5, It makes sense: Jupiter rules expansion and abundance while cautious Capricorn sets up boundaries and limits.

But once they settle their fundamental differences, these two forces can work well together, helping you take calculated risks and aim your ambitious arrows at achievable targets. This could be a majorly nostalgic day as powerful feelings surge up out of the blue. With these two liberated planets intersecting, you might suddenly break free from limiting beliefs that stem back to childhood or ancestral patterns. If there was ever a day to slip under the metaphorical mistletoe, this is it. Dress up, throw your own holiday cocktail bash, shop for a lavish gift.

This full moon could bring a romantic awakening or an attraction that blossoms into a real-deal affair. Got a talent to share? These fame-fueled moonbeams could bring buzzworthy attention to your creativity or performing talents. One of your original ideas could go viral. The next day December 13 , motivator Mars and magnetic Neptune hook up in the most financially savvy and ambitious zones of your chart. Add a swirl of Neptunian glamour to the goal-focused drive of Mars, and your powers of persuasion will be irresistible.

With enchanting Neptune in your luxe second house, this is the perfect moment for an early gift exchange. Then get ready to slip into a sensual and restorative groove.

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Keep the gatherings small and intimate—and carve out time for solitude. You could tumble down a deep rabbit hole of studying, tuning in to higher wisdom through meditation or developing an artistic talent. On Christmas Day, the moon is hanging out in Sagittarius, sparking your social side. Talk about symbolic! Suddenly, you start to see what was unclear to you.

New moons mark beginnings, but the twelfth house rules endings, which is a bit of a paradox. But sometimes things have to transition before you can begin anew. What can you let go of at this eclipse—and leave behind in this decade—to start fresh? The twelfth house rules art, spirituality and fantasy, and this could be a richly imaginative holiday for you. On December 27, the Sun and expansive Jupiter make their once-a-year conjunction, uniting in Capricorn.

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In these next few days you will open up to new opportunities, even if you do not launch into anything daring like leaving a fixed job for another temporary because the movement could be risky and unsafe. Money and Luck There are highly promising economic movements within your financial reality that will help you consolidate your economy by doing something new or additional. However, starting tomorrow, with retrograde Jupiter, you do not want to experiment with something unstable.

Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: the cosmic effluvium in your sign that activates your sixth sense and intuition. Dangerous trend today on Sunday in your sign Aquarius: dismiss the premonitions, What should I avoid? Aquarius Love Astrology and Compatibility Today 10th March The best relationship today: this Sunday things will go very well for you if your partner is an air sign.

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