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As a Cancer born on the 28th of June , you believe that life is what you make of it. You believe and act like there are no limits to your possibilities. This makes you an inspiration to other people. Lovers born on June 28th are very open-minded lovers.

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You believe that life is open and limitless. Accordingly, you choose to live that way. Those with birthdays on June 28 are best suited for entrepreneurship because you are made of strong stuff. You take all sorts of problems and risks in business. You take risks that would scare off people born under other signs of the horoscope.

They have a fearless personality. They courageously pursue their dreams. They are unstoppable.

Some would figure that makes us special. It depends on how you look at it. Back in , Martha Stewart hosted leapers on her show.

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They wore frog-mouth name tags frogs leap, get it? She gave them each state-of-the-art digital picture frames. Leapsters keep two sets of ages, annual and quadrennial. We mark time between real birthdays in fourths and halves.

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In 46 B. This still needed tweaking: By , with 11 minutes a year left unadjusted, the calendar had shifted 10 days. The Gregorian reform of the Julian calendar introduced an extra day to make up the difference, with leap years of centuries divisible by four skipped.

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The element assigned to the year in which you were born has an influence over you and should be considered along with your animal sign and element found in the earthly branch. This includes using it in your best directions of east and southeast both ruled by wood element , such as wood furniture and wood objects. In addition, the water element nourishes the wood element, so you can add a tabletop water fountain or fish aquarium in on of these sectors, except for the kitchen or bedroom.

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The water element guides you and can be used to your advantage. One of those ways is to add a water feature, such as a tabletop fountain or fish aquarium in the North sector ruled by water element. You can also live near water to further enhance your personal element power. The fire element can empower you through the use of it in the South ruled by fire element. You may prefer to add table lamps and floor lamps along with recessed ceiling lights since lighting is always a powerful feng shui enhancer and represents the fire element.

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