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Alan Oken – The Soul-Centered Purpose of Venus in Your Natal Chart

Paperback , pages. Published March 1st by Destiny Books first published January 1st More Details Original Title. Alan Leo Astrologer's Library 7. Other Editions 7. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Esoteric Astrology , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Average rating 4. Rating details. Earth in Gemini : provides the opportunity to communicate the Path of Union into the world and is accomplished through higher learning and the Path of healing and teaching.

Earth in Leo : the individual must shape his own path of service and the correct use of will has to be incorporated into this task so that the personality drive comes under the will of the soul. The purpose and intent of this incarnation are clear; let the knowledge of the Higher Way be distributed to all who can hear and learn. Earth in 9 th house : Education and learning are paramount and teaching what has been learned will follow. Humanity needs to understand that the basis of all truth is Love.

Earth in Capricorn : points to the challenges in life that involve structure and discipline of our life force so that it is placed directly on the Path of the Will-to-Good. Earth in 10 th house : culmination of our efforts to secure a firm foundation for our spiritual purpose, the direction of our Path is such that our use of social position in life is geared to the precise purpose of world-service.

Earth in Aquarius : gives one the ability to channel and distribute innovative concepts into the collective consciousness that serve the well-being of humanity. Earth in Pisces : the need to work selflessly, a natural outlet would be in the healing professions. Earth in 12 th house : the need to align personal will with the will of the soul so that the application on Active Intelligence provides precision in the expression of the urge to serve. Goldstein-Jacobson I. Its potency is naturally felt more directly in the triangle of the Hierarchy than in that of Humanity.

These three energies are sometimes called in an effort to make understanding more easy and to simplify comprehension the "triple energy of WILL": The will of self-determination—Leo. The will of sacrifice— Pisces. The will to choose—Capricorn. The triangles of which the Hierarchy and Humanity are the expression are becoming responsive to Shamballa—the hierarchical centre greatly so and the human centre gradually so.

At the same time, it will be obvious to you that, in relation to these simple triangles, certain interlocking triangles also emerge, as for instance the zodiacal triangle of Leo- Pisces -Capricorn and the allied planetary triangle of Saturn-Uranus-Mercury. These two triangles pour their six streams of force into our three planetary centres at this time, vitalising and stimulating the planetary triangle of Shamballa-Hierarchy-Humanity. Behind these three stands a cosmic triangle, emanating three streams of energy which pour into and through the three lesser triangles, thus potently affecting every kingdom in nature.

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This cosmic triangle is that of the Great Bear—Sirius—the Pleiades. It is interesting to note that the seventh Ray of Ceremonial Law and Order works through Uranus which is today the transmitter of Sirian force via Pisces to the Hierarchy. The seventh ray has sometimes been called a peculiar name by Knowers. It is regarded as the "Ray of Ritualistic Decency.

To bring this about, energy from Shamballa embodying the will-to-good is fused and blended with the organising energy of the seventh ray and then carried to humanity along the stream of love which emanates from the Hierarchy itself. Pisces governs this effort of the Hierarchy because the highest aspect of Pisces which humanity can at this time in any way comprehend is that of Mediatorship. This is the energy of mediation, of right relationship.

They are basically concerned with the expression of consciousness on the outer external planes of expression or with the fusion of soul and form in order to demonstrate fully a state of awareness. These facts will become apparent if the four esoteric planets connected with these four constellations are considered and related: It will also be apparent to the astrologer of the future along which lines the chart of the soul must be drawn; the major triangles and the three cosmic Crosses will control his deductions as to the unfoldment of consciousness.

The triangles indicate possibility; the Crosses indicate process and points of crisis. These three constellations are Leo—Virgo— Pisces. They are spoken of esoterically as "the Producers of that which knows, the Informers of that which is awakened and the Constructors of the modes of fusing Wisdom.

They produce a unity; They shatter that which They have produced only again to produce it in greater beauty and in wider fullness. These words are clear. This triangle is, at this time, an inverted one with the Leo energies in the closest contact with our planetary life. The following triangle will show this more clearly.

Alan Oken – The Soul-Centered Purpose of Venus in Your Natal Chart – ISAR

These three are connected definitely and increasingly with the unfoldment of human consciousness in three main aspects. Another stream of energy is also pushing through and producing effects upon those in the human family who not only respond to the Leo force and are consequently individuals in their own consciousness but are responding also to the steadily expanding Christ-consciousness; of this they are becoming increasingly aware in their own individual experience.

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This is the higher aspect of the energy of Pisces ; it is awareness of the group, of the whole and of the universe. It is the energy of buddhi, the higher aspect of the lower psychic nature; it is the aspect of the mediator in contradistinction to the medium. It is intuitional control instead of the intellectual overlordship of Leo and the limitations of Virgo. These three energies are today playing potently on humanity, producing: The self-consciousness of man, as he emerges out of the mass.

The 12 Labours of Hercules are an allegory for the 12 signs of the zodiac. The Greek myths are rich in symbology. Myths help us to understand planetary energies. Cities are chakras in the body of a nation. They all have purpose and destiny. Triangles of energy between constellations. Triangles of force between planets. They transmit three aspects of divinity to earth. The innermost secrets of astrological deduction are connected with the 7 stars of the Great Bear, 7 stars of the Pleiades and the 7 sacred planets.

The 4th creative hierarchy is Humanity. The seven main hierarchies correspond to the 7 rays.

Isis in Astrology

Before the Science of the Crosses evolves, an intermediary house system can be worked out. Look at esoteric rulerships of houses and delineate. Conjunction — 1st ray — fusion of forces. Trine — 3rd ray — Creative activity.

Science of Triangles closely tied in with decanates. The following 16 sections months are considered fundamental as a foundation to the study of Esoteric Astrology. Before you can move on to any further depth of understanding, this first segment of 17 monthes must be thoroughly studied. Only after having gained proficiency in these basic subjects, will you be able to move on to the second section of Esoteric Astrology. Students who do not want to, or cannot study the associated subjects for Esoteric Astrology will find that they will not really understand this stupendous science.

There are four subjects a month, which averages out to one class per week. Try and be disciplined with your approach to this study, as you will probably find that it will take several hours a week, including background reading. The following is a basic outline and sequence for the course, but minor changes may be made without notice, if the facilitator deems it necessary. The course may be started at any time. Class 2 Karma and Reincarnation.

Class 3 Preamble to Esoteric Astrology — part 1. Class 4 Preamble to Esoteric Astrology — part 2. Class 2 The Seven Rays — part 2. Class 3 The Seven Rays — part 3. Class 4 The Seven Rays — part 4.

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Class 2 The Astral Body. Class 3 Zodiac Signs and the Three Crosses. Month 4 Class 1 The Mental Body. Class 3 Aries — Esoterically considered. Class 4 Taurus — Esoterically considered. Month 5 Class 1 Soul. Class 3 Gemini — Esoterically considered. Class 4 Cancer — Esoterically considered. Month 6 Class 1 Dreams. Class 3 Leo — Esoterically considered. Class 4 Virgo — Esoterically considered.