2020 horoscope january 7 birthday

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Birthday January 07, 2020

You can also browse the full year monthly calendar. Are you not curious to discover some fun facts about your birthday? Know the meaning of your special day and who shares your birthday!

Sponsored link. Capricorn is the zodiac sign of a person born on this day.

Garnet is the modern birthstone for this month. Still, they prefer to rule. They stand out through their own sense of strength and courage in life endeavors. They strive for independence and, indeed, they reach such a position as a result of their patiently, scrupulously realized and well-thought plans.

Their ventures can be brash. Their vice is their over-the-top ambition.

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When they are undeveloped and unstable — it is a constant source of internal unease and will not let them achieve true happiness. The unusual activity that fills their soul seems therefore to outsiders a mere unjustified dissatisfaction with the existing order of things. Another source of their inner power — ability to fit in life circumstances — shows itself when we deal with a primitive individual — of less pleasant nature.

Beginning of the month

Their respect for their superiors can then become mere servilism. Mercury and the new moon encourage self-reflection.

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You access your inner self and make sure to rebuild your foundations, work deeply on how you communicate and spread the right messages at the right time. Venus accompanies you with a fanfare on Monday. Welcome love and tenderness and install sweetness and benevolence into your life. This period is a great time for encounters and love at first sight, with Mars and Uranus in Aries.

Chinese Zodiac

Allied with Jupiter, it puts all the good fortune on your side to surround you with harmony, in your life in general but also within your romantic relationship. The arrival of Mercury allied to the new Moon in your sign makes you grow, gives you a sense of purpose, restores your self-confidence and helps you to become aware of your qualities and your inner strength.

This week will bring about themes of questioning yourself and rebirth. You are reborn to yourself by presenting yourself to the world as you really are.

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The new Moon asks you to step away from the past year and rewire your brain gently for a new year full of good intentions, goodwill and inner renewal. You have the opportunity to change your life into something new, powerful and great.

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Go for it. Mars, Jupiter and Venus put the wind in your sails. Professionally, this is the ideal opportunity to to prove your skills, access your desires and think big. This week the new moon allows you to become aware of your abilities, to start a new process of inner healing and to better yourself.