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BJP may get , Congress seats, predict stars - Elections News

Minor Bug Fixes. Even if one conceives- the children may not life long. Being com-bust or with malefic suggest weak life force of kids and accident prone due to malefic around. Here a strong energy to putra behave ensures much quicker fruition and happiness from the kids.

After 50 farmers, 3 Telugu activists to contest against PM Narendra Modi in Varanasi

If the lord of fifth house or putra behave is in 6 th house or ari behave and the lord of ascendant lagan is with mars a malefic — the native could lose the first child. Also later the wife may not be able to bear a child. Mars is an aggressive planet and gives effects faster. So the first child affected. Unless the lord of 5 th is strong enough. If the lord of the fifth house or putra behave is weak and debilitated and does not get any aspect or drishti that is benefic.

Also Saturn and mercury are ion fifth house- there is a chance of having less children or one child only. If the fifth house or putra bhava is owned by planet Saturn or by mercury and be occupied by Saturn or a mandi- the person might have adopted issues issues foreign from self.

If the planet sun and mars are together in same sign or rashi and in the same navamsa- the person could be brought up by two father and three mothers. There could be adapted issues if the fifth house has six planets in it, while the lord of the fifth house or putra bhava is in 12 th house also moon and lagna have fair strength this ensures the benefit to come to self. Basically multiple influences in the 5 th house along with strong lagan ensure an issue- but may ne not out of the wedlock. There could be many kids or children if the lord of first house or putra bhava is strong- while the fifth house has aspects or drishti of strong mercury budha ,Jupiter Guru and venus shukra.

The Gujarat riots in February-March give a setback to his image for which he subsequently claimed that some journalist acted irresponsibly in their coverage of events.

Maraka effects can be defined in the following manner.

The conjunction of 10 th lord Sun with the 8 th lord Mercury and Ketu has to give troubles in his career. The maha dasha lord Venus taking the lordship of 7 th house also shows violence. Modi was accused for mishandling the situation post Godhara incident which instigated the violence leading to killing hundreds of people and leaving thousands homeless. However, Modi managed to won the assembly elections in December and sworn in as the chief minister for the second time.

It was during Venus-Mercury-Jupiter in Vimshottari. In his second term he lead Gujarat to become an attractive investment destination. He established special economic zone and technology parks in Gujarat making it the most develop state in the country in terms of economic growth rate. He won the next two assembly elections very easily dominating the opposition Congress party despite the fact that they were ruling at the center and troubling him with judicial inquires and media trials.

It was during Sun-Saturn and Moon-Rahu Vimshottari dashas when he won consecutive elections as chief minister becoming a leader of national stature. Moon as the lord of 9 th house and Jupiter as the 5 th lord are both functional benefic planets for Vrischika lagna chart of Modi promising him a great rise. It was no surprise that BJP won the general elections by attaining full majority in the leadership of Narendra Modi in May In Dashamsha chart Moon and Jupiter are making Gajakesari yoga giving him dignified position.

He abolished the planning commission and replaced it with Niti Ayog. Recently in the second week of November PM Modi took a historic step to demonetize the currency of India for unearthing the black money.

శ్రీ న‌రేంద్ర‌మోడి జాతక విశ్లేషణ - Shri Narendra Modi Astrology Analysis

He took this bold decision to tackle corruption, fake currency and black money that affect the various sectors of Indian economy. While people in general will appreciate him for this bold step to eradicate corruption but his political enemies will unite against him to form a front giving BJP a tough ride in assembly polls in At that time dasha would be Moon-Venus in Vimshottari.

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Venus the anter dasha lord is Vargottama but since it is the lord of 7th war and the 12th losses houses so it will also give lots of difficulties to him at that time. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Email Address.

BJP may get 200-225, Congress 100-125 seats, predict stars

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